ASA Child Protection Guidance and Member Information

Wavepower 2012/15 is the ASA Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures manual and replaces all previous ASA Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures documents. All ASA affiliated clubs should adopt and implement Wavepower 2012/15. Brighton Dolphin SC’s Welfare Officer is Angela Weighton who swims at most sessions or can be contacted via [email protected]

If you feel more comfortable talking to someone else at the club then your swimming teacher, Neil Davies or Pauline Freestone will all find time to listen to you.

Ensuring child safety should be a key part of how our clubs operate. It helps to provide a safe, happy and fun environment where children can learn to swim and develop their skills.

The responsibility to safeguard children does not belong to any one person. Instead it belongs to everyone who plays a part in delivering our sporting activities.

Wavepower is intended for anyone involved in these activities and offers practical guidance and information on mandatory requirements and good practice.

This publication will be fully updated in 2020, but if any new guidance or policy changes are released prior to this, then pages will be updated or added to this section of the website.

Wavepower 2016-19 Download

Wavepower is a large document. We have split it into sections for easier access. Files are in PDF format.

  • Index  Full index with page numbers
  • Contents  Information and contents
  • Section 1  Introduction to Wavepower (Pages 8-17)
  • Section 2  Toolbox (Pages 18-89)
  • Section 3  Child safeguarding responsibilities  (Pages 90-93)
  • Section 4  Guidance for coaches, teachers and poolside helpers (Pages 94-105)
  • Section 5  Templates, forms and checklist (Pages 106-123)