Synchronised swimming is a hybrid form of swimming , dance and gymnastics, consisting of swimmers performing a synchronised routine of elaborate moves in water, accompanied by music.

The sport used to be know as ‘water ballet’, and made popular by the late Esther Williams in the 1940’s and 50’s. It is incredibly strenuous and skilful but is also an extremely good and fun way of keeping fit using a multitude of muscles whilst being supported in water; therefore having little to no Impact on the body, this in turn makes it an ideal hobby for those who find other forms of exercise difficult.

Fitness Benefits

These are huge as it will:

-Tone your legs

-Improve upper body strength

-Help boost cardiovascular system

-Improve balance and posture

-Help develop agility and flexibility

Here at Brighton Dolphin SC we have a very supportive environment together with a high level of coaching, enabling all swimmers to reach their full potential. On top of this you will quickly make new friends and learn how to work together and have fun.

We frequently have teams competing in the European Masters Championships, World Games and National Masters competitions along with performances for the Brighton Fringe festival 

Getting Involved

For people (both male and female) age 20+ ( masters)  who enjoy modern dance, ballet and gymnastics, synchronised swimming is the perfect way to transfer those skill to the pool and for those who just fancy giving it a go. 

It is essential that you are confident in the water (especially deep water) and can swim a minimum of 25 metres


Prince Regent Swimming Complex

Church Street



Training Times 

Monday from 7pm-9pm 

Tuesday from 7-8pm and 8-9.10pm 

Sunday from 9-10am 

If you fancy giving it a go then please either pop down to see us at one of the above times or contact either 

Anne Long : [email protected]


Linda Doidge: [email protected]