Prince Regent Car Park

Dear Members

As you are aware the car park at the Prince Regent has recently been refurbished. The barrier has been replaced and the parking bays have been repainted allowing for 35 vehicles to be parked at any one time. No parking zones are clearly marked in yellow, leaving areas we may have parked in before as unauthorized parking bays.

Once the car park is full the barrier will not rise to allow any further vehicles through. Masters arriving for the 8pm session on Tuesday were not allowed into the car park until some of the juniors had vacated. I am aware that some of the Masters decided not to wait and missed their swim due to the new parking regime.

It is difficult to know how we are going to overcome this problem, but it would be helpful at this point to know how many members were affected by the new parking arrangements and I would appreciate it if you would let me know if you didn’t wait for a space or at what time you did eventually get parked and on to poolside. Depending on the response the options are to encourage car sharing, the use of public transport or look to hire the pool as 2 separate sessions with a gap in between the junior and masters sessions, allowing time for the juniors to change and vacate the car park.

I also understand that there was congestion on leaving the car park for junior members due to the traffic trying to come in. I am aware that at this point a parent of a junior member called the pool from their car and was verbally abusive to the receptionist on duty. The receptionist was very upset and it was necessary for me to apologise to her for our members behavior. Through the course of the evening she had also been approached by other members with complaints about the car park, which added to an already difficult situation. As a club we have a good working relationship with the pool staff and I would very much like to maintain this relationship going forward, due to the events of the evening it will be necessary for me to write a formal apology on behalf of the club for this outburst for which I am very unhappy about having to do.