May News

County Championship Success 2013
Four of our junior swimmers qualified for the Sussex County Championships at K2 in March. William Morrell swam the 50 m freestyle and Becky Fuller swam in the 50m breaststroke and 50m backstroke. Becky also made it to the finals of the 100m IM where she finished 8th. Emma Chismas  swam in the 50m backstroke and was also part of the Beacon Swimming club 4x25m freestyle  and 4×25 medley relay teams that finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Jo Chrismas swam in the 50 breaststroke and also competed in  backstroke and freestyle races over a range of distances coming 5th in the 400m freestyle and 6th in the 800m freestyle.

For the masters Andrew Farrell made it to the finals of the 100m fly and  the 50m freestyle. Audrey, Margaret, Diane and Joanne all joined the officials team for the event which was very well run indeed.

The next open gala for the juniors will take place on 6th July in Hastings where a team of eleven of our swimmers will be competing. Please talk to Gary Fuller if you’re interested to know more about junior swimming in open galas.

Eastbourne Gala Results
A team of 20 swimmers competed at the Smiths SC team gala in Eastbourne last month. We finished 2nd, within a few points of the winners Mid Sussex Marlins, which was a great achievement. Our Dolphins team goes from strength to strength at each event. Well done!!

Changing Room Reminder
Please can I remind junior members not to leave clothes and bags in the cubicles whilst swimming. Please use the lockers provided during both sessions. Clothes left in cubicles will be removed and placed in reception. Could I also ask parents of Tuesday night juniors to hurry their children along in the showers and changing rooms. The problems with the car park barrier have not gone away and the changes to the session times were brought in to try to reduce the access difficulties faced by the senior swimmers. With their session starting 20 minutes after the finish of the junior session we were hoping that most of the juniors would have vacated the building and car park to allow entry to the seniors – this is not the case and a good % of juniors are taking too long to change, meaning the seniors cannot gain entry to the car park – thank you for your cooperation.

Make swimming easier!
Injury Prevention Tips for Swimmers from Jamie Webb
No. 1 – Pecs – To start stand facing the wall with your nose touching the wall. Put one arm on the wall with the elbow at 90 degrees in line with your shoulder. Rotate your torso away from the arm. You should feel a stretch across the front of your chest. Just take this stretch to comfort not pain. Hold this stretch for about a minute each side and repeat. This one is great to do before and after training. If you have any questions about this stretch or would like some advice on an injury or ache or pain contact Jamie on 01273 921831 for a FREE consultation.