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Brighton Dolphin SC


Sunday, 24 November

10.15am at the Prince Regent Slipper Baths


1.                  Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 25th November 2012

2.                  Matters arising from Minutes

3.                  Relevant correspondence including apologies for absence

4.                  To receive and adopt the Annual Report and Statement of Accounts

5.                  Committee nominations for Honorary membership and President (rule 3.11/3.12)

6.                  Proposed Rules Amendments (Rule 7)

7.                  Election of Club Officers and Committee Members (see attached)



Proposed by

Seconded by

Chairperson Neil Davies Sarah Naish Audrey Taylor
Hon. Secretary Sarah Naish Neil Davies Audrey Taylor
Hon. Treasurer Audrey Taylor Sarah Naish Phil Cook
Swimming & Gala Hon. Secretary Vacant post
Synchronised Swimming Hon. Secretary Margaret Hamerton Liz Fitzsimons Sarah Naish
Learn to Swim Hon. Secretary Ian Thompson Pauline Freestone Audrey Taylor
Masters Hon. Secretary Andrew Farrell Max Gargan Audrey Taylor
Social Hon. Secretary Jean Smith Neil Davies Sarah Naish
Trophy Hon. Secretary Vacant post
Minutes Hon. Secretary Margaret Simmonds Sarah Naish Phil Cook
Director of Swimming  tbd Sarah Naish Audrey Taylor
Welfare Officer Sue England Neil Davies Sarah Naish
Ordinary Members (up to 6 to be elected) Paul Harris John McGrath Sarah Naish
Gary Fuller Neil Davies Margaret Simmonds
Duncan Brown Sarah Naish Max Gargan
Joanne Morrell Pauline Freestone Neil Davies
Margaret Gill Audrey Taylor Margaret Simmonds
John McGrath Paul Harris Sarah Naish

Proposed rule changes

Rule 3.10 –  The annual general meeting shall be in session if at least twenty eligible members are present at the appointed time.
Change to: …at least fifteen eligible members, of which a minimum of seven are existing Committee members, are present…
Reason:  asa guidance is that a quorum should be more than 5 members of the club and we have approximately 110 eligible members.  The AGM has been moved to a Sunday morning in order to reach the twenty members we require to hold the meeting.  By reducing the number to fifteen this will give us more flexibility in the future to have an AGM in the evening if members wish to do so.

Rule 3.6 –  A special general meeting shall be called at the discretion of the Committee or on the written request of not less than twenty members who are eligible to vote.
Change to: … fifteen members…
Reason: to be in line with the change above

Rule 3.7 –  A special general meeting shall be quorate if at least twenty eligible members are present at the appointed time.
Change to: … fifteen eligible members…
Reason: to be in line with the changes above



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17 Nov – Masters Inter County Team Competition

24 Nov – Annual Party & Awards Presentations

30 Nov & 1 Dec – Atlantis Christmas Cracker, Horsham

7 Dec – Eastbourne Team Gala

8 Dec – County Masters Championships, Horsham

1 Feb – Home Gala